WhatsApp bringing new feature to compete Telegram

In the past few days, Whatsapp developers have been continuously rolling out new beta updates for the app; these updates come with some significant features, such as edit sent messages option, lock chat, and automatic status update. Now with the latest development WhatsApp team will introduce the personal users’ name feature; let’s know more about it.

 What’s new in the new WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp has rolled out a new beta update with version number The latest update is not only limited to improving the performance and stability of the app, but it also introduces a new unique username facility for the user. 

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With this feature, WhatsApp use will be changed, and this feature will remove the role of having contact numbers for chatting with each other. Now users can easily search each other by their unique user names.

While this feature is still under development, it’s interesting to consider the possible implications it could have. For example, the introduction of usernames could facilitate private communication with companies, further protecting users’ personal data; moreover, this functionality could be extended to all types of interactions, thus offering an unprecedented level of privacy on WhatsApp.

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However, the security of your data will be the same as the traditional one where your messages are end-to-end encrypted so no other can trace or decode them via any medium. So don’t worry about security.

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