Samsung users can expect Android 14’s new shortcuts for physical keyboard in One UI 6.0

Samsung’s One UI is made to grab all the new features which are introduced on the Android platform. With every new Android version, the Korean giant releases its new One UI with it. The latest One UI comes with the latest feature and adds some additional functionalities for Galaxy devices.

According to the latest information, with the release of new Android 14-based software updates indicated that the major update would have some interesting features, from split screen app groups to drag-and-drop gesture navigation. In addition, the company will also bring new software with more utility support to the external physical keyboard.

One UI 6.0 will support physical keyboard shortcuts

According to a tipster, Mishaal Rehman, he discovered a completely new menu that is dedicated to keyboard shortcuts in Android 14 beta 2; he discussed it in a Twitter thread. He added that this menu is only available for large-screen devices in Android 14.

No More Samsung One UI Software Update

For stock Android-powered devices Keyboard shortcuts are found by following the path “Settings -> System -> Keyboard -> Physical keyboard” while for One UI 6.0, it is up on Samsung where it will install it. The new menu offers 34 shortcuts for 29 separate functions. The key combinations are organized into three tabs.

Here is the list of Keyboard shortcuts:

Sign in to the notification areaSearch + N
Capture a screenshotSearch + Ctrl + S
Open the list of shortcutsSearch + /
BackSearch + ~ | Search + Backspace | Search + Left Arrow
HomeSearch + H | Search + Return
Open/Recent AppsSearch + Tab
Scroll to recent apps (forward)Alt + Tab
Scroll to recent applications (back)Alt + Shift + Tab
Search in the launcherSearch
Show/hide taskbarSearch + T
SettingsSearch + I
Google AssistantSearch + A
Lock screenSearch + L
Quick memoSearch + Ctrl + N
Split screen with current app on the rightSearch + Ctrl + Right Arrow
Split screen with current app on the leftSearch + Ctrl + Left Arrow
Split screen to full screenSearch + Ctrl + Up Arrow
Move open app to split screenSearch + Ctrl + Down Arrow
Change input language (next)Ctrl + Space | Search + Space
Change input language (previous)Ctrl + Shift + Space | Ctrl + Search + Space
Open assistant appSearch + A
Open browser appSearch + B
Open calculator appSearch + U
Open calendar appSearch + K
Open contacts appSearch + C
Open email appSearch + E
Open maps appSearch + M
Open the music appSearch + P
Open SMS appSearch + S

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