Samsung Galaxy S23’s next update might improve camera: testing underway

On Feb 1 this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S23 series devices. The company has introduced them as its flagship device; however, it is not a fully furnished device; in the initial updates, there were several issues that came on front, such as overheating, battery draining, and many more. However, later these issues were resolved.

But then, some new camera issues are irritating its customers, like the green line, unstabilized videos, and many more; taking it seriously company has released a massive camera update with the last security patch, i.e., April 2023.

The upcoming Galaxy S23’s update may fix HDR issues

Even after getting the major camera update, the Galaxy S23 devices are still getting some issues related to the camera, such as HDR camera bugs. The Functioning of HDR is not as good as expected from a flagship device.

The Galaxy S23 will get an update for clear video calling on third-party apps

A tipster, tarunvats33, reveals the latest information about the camera improvement. The upcoming update is currently in the testing phase. For Galaxy S23, the testing is going on build S918BXXU2AWEB/S918BOXM2AWEB/S918BXXU2AWEB. The update is expected to come with the next month’s security patch i.e., June 2023.

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