Android 14 will have new Passwords and Lock Screen Quick Links features

Android 14 is the most anticipated version of Android; with the upcoming major update, users have a lot of expectations for it. In the past few months, Google has already started development of it; initially, the company has rolled out two development previews and now continuously serves a new beta update which comes with some new features and fixes that will add a whole new experience to the upcoming stable update.

Here are some new innovations discovered from the developing software

With the upcoming Android, version company is focussing on strengthening the security of the devices. To do so, it will load the update with some new changes:

Passkeys support is system-wide

Passkeys is a new tool that holds all your passwords and allows you to access all the apps or websites without entering the passwords repeatedly. All the passwords are stored in the Google password manager, so you don’t have to worry.

Supports multiple password managers at the same time

With the new credential manager, Android 14 will also offer the saving password to other password managers as well; for example, you can store your password in several apps, including 1Password, Dashlane, Keeper okta, or any other application whichever users want to use. In other words, if you do not want to use Google password manager or want to use more than one password manager, you can easily use them at the same time.

Android 14: customize lock screen shortcuts

From the past couple of Android versions, Google has introduced new customization features for its Android devices (Pixel smartphones); for example, you can easily change the fonts and style of the clock and much more, now with Android 14, the company will take the lock screen customization to the next level.

According to the Google I/O 2023, Mountain View company has announced a quick link feature for the lock screen, in which you can easily customize the quick commands, including QR code scanners, Torch, Video camera, Notes, silent, wallet, Camera, Do not disturbed Google Home Device Control.

Additionally, a popular tipster, Mishaal Rahman, has also discovered a new feature of partial screen recording, which will be available with Android 14; he also shared a demo of it.

With all these innovations, Android 14 will be a significant Android update that will come with a lot of utility options, and it is not limited to this; there are many new features that are most anticipated. You can explore them more by clicking here.

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