Samsung Galaxy Self-Repair Program goes live for several Galaxy devices in Korea

Last Year, Samsung made strides by introducing its self-repair program for smartphones in the United States. Subsequently, a few months ago, the company also revealed its self-repair program for Galaxy Book laptops. Today, Samsung proudly extends the reach of its self-repair initiative to its home country of South Korea, making it available to local consumers.

Samsung Electronics is set to empower its Galaxy smartphone and laptop users by enabling them to repair their own purchased products in the coming years. The company recently unveiled its plans to launch a groundbreaking ‘self-repair program’ in Korea starting from the 30th of this month, allowing consumers to take matters into their own hands when it comes to fixing their devices.

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Initially, the self-repair option will be available for a specific set of Samsung products, including Galaxy Mobile devices and a few TV models. This program will commence with three smartphone series: the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S22, alongside the Galaxy Book Pro 39.6cm (15.6-inch) laptop series and 80cm (32-inch) TVs. Customers who own these particular models will have the opportunity to acquire the required parts and repair tools directly from the Samsung Electronics Services homepage, facilitating their self-repair endeavours.

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Through implementing this innovative self-repair program, customers in Korea will be able to choose between two options for resolving issues with their Samsung Electronics products. Firstly, they can visit one of the numerous Samsung Electronics service centres throughout the country, where skilled technicians will undertake the repairs on their behalf. Alternatively, customers can conveniently purchase the required parts online and undertake the repairs themselves, providing a new level of flexibility and convenience.

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Initially, the self-repair program will focus on select models and specific components, but Samsung Electronics has plans to gradually expand its coverage to include a wider range of products and parts in the future. For detailed information regarding the models and components eligible for self-repair, customers can refer to the dedicated section on the Samsung Electronics website. By empowering consumers with the means to repair their own devices, Samsung Electronics aims to enhance customer satisfaction and foster a more sustainable approach to product maintenance.

The self-repair program encompasses specific components for smartphones, including the display, back cover, and charging port. In the case of laptops, a comprehensive selection of seven parts, such as the touchpad and fingerprint power button, are covered under the self-repair program. These parts have been identified as the ones most frequently requiring consumer repairs. Additionally, for three TV models, it is possible to replace the panel.

To facilitate the self-repair process, consumers can access detailed repair manuals and instructional videos tailored to each specific part on the Samsung Electronics website. After successfully replacing the parts, users can utilize the ‘Self-Repair Helper app’ to optimize the performance of the new components and ensure their proper functionality. Subsequently, the ‘Samsung Members App’ offers a self-diagnosis feature, enabling users to assess and identify any potential abnormalities in the repair results.

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