Android 13 reaches to 15% of devices, thanks to Samsung

Last year, Google released Android 13, which has come with many new features and improvements for Android devices, many users appreciated it, but the information on total Android users is shocking. According to the information, there are only 15% of the total users are using Android 13 devices, and in this, Samsung devices are top contenders; let’s know how.

In the earlier report of Google(January), it is recorded that only 5% of Android devices run on Android 13. This report came when Samsung rolled out Android 13 to its devices, and as you know, Samsung has a large number of devices worldwide, so when the company updated all the eligible devices, then it played a major role in increasing the market share of Android 13.

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Google will collect all the data statistically, which helps to identify the number of devices on which versions; specifically, it will provide the exact number of personal data that have been connected to the Play Store during a given seven-day period and present it to the developers through Android Studio.

Moreover, the data helps developers to assume which is the lowest version of Android is running in the market so they can make apps according to their preferences.

On the basis of the report, we got to know that Android 11 is the top contender in the market, with 23.1%. While Android 12 and Android 10 are declining but interestingly Oreo version of Android has shown growth which moved from 6.7% to 8.3%

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