Android Auto may brings Weather Widget in Coolwalk interface

In the last few months, the Google team has made many developments in Android Auto; we have reported many innovations of it, like removing bugs, introducing new features in Android Auto and AutomotiveWhatsapp call functionality, and many more. Among the innovations introduced with earlier updates, there is also the removal of the persistent weather icon; this feature will return soon.

As of now, the Coolwalk has a weather tab that can appear but is not shown automatically on all displays, only on large ones, while in smaller ones, it is not activated.

But with the new information, we got to know that the Android Auto developer team has made important progress in recent weeks to be able to bring this weather card to all the smallest screens.

However, it is not confirmed yet, when the persistent weather information will be available for all Android users.

For the remainder, Android Auto is an application that provides several features which you can use on your car display; for instance, you can easily manage the infotainment system and listen to your favorite media apps, including Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and many more.

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