Samsung expanded its Wallet service in Vietnam

To formally establish the collaboration connection between the two nations, Samsung Electronics Vietnam and Shinhan Bank Vietnam Limited signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Through this strategic alliance, Shinhan Bank’s financial products and the cutting-edge Samsung Wallet digital wallet join forces under the slogan “Safe Storage – Easy Payment.” This cooperative relationship aims to deliver a seamless and impregnable digital ecosystem, facilitating a world of convenience and comfort for both Shinhan Bank customers and Galaxy smart device users.

The need for cutting-edge, secure financial solutions is on the rise as mobile technology persistently alters the structure of daily life, particularly in Vietnam’s teeming metropolises. This collaboration offers cutting-edge payment options, giving Vietnamese people the resources they need to adopt the digital way of life. Integrated Samsung digital wallet allows the users of Galaxy smart devices to quickly and easily make payments.

It seeks to offer ease and peace of mind to customers when it comes to using mobile payments for day-to-day activities with a top-notch security platform. Additionally, it creates an opportunity to address the demands of Galaxy device enthusiasts’ digital lifestyles in addition to improving mobile payment capabilities.

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General Director of Samsung Vina Electronics, Mr. Lee Chung Lyong, further stated,” In the trend of digital transformation in the Vietnamese market, I strongly believe that the cooperation between Shinhan Bank and Samsung will leverage the strengths of both companies to create an integrated digital payment platform. more integrated and comprehensive for Vietnamese consumers.”

Users may now have a life full of premium services, protected by the impenetrable fortress of Knox Guard, assuring the greatest levels of security in mobile payments. It is anticipated to improve Vietnam’s digital lifestyle.

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Thanks to “Samsung Newsroom