Samsung Galaxy A32 5G grabs new software update in the US

Samsung is rolling out the June 2023 security update for eligible devices, but in between, the company is carefully updating other Galaxy devices, which are gradually getting older updates like now Galaxy A32 5G is getting the May 2023 security update in the USA.

Currently, the Galaxy A32 is getting the update on the carrier unlocked variant with the firmware version A326U1UESADWE3. According to the information, the latest update brings over 70 security patches that enhance the security of the device. Along with this, the update also improves the internal function of the devices so users can get a smooth experience.

As the update is available for unlocked variants, it may take time to reach all carriers. However, the locked variant doesn’t get the update on any carrier. But expected that the update may also be available for them in the next few days.

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If you are a Galaxy A32 5G smartphone user from the US, you should receive a notification of the latest update. Once you get the notification, it means your device is now ready to be updated. To do so, you can directly tap on the notification, which will redirect you to the software update menu. Or you can also manually go there from the system settings.

The Galaxy A32 5G was released back in 2021. Samsung has released the device with Android 11 preinstalled. Later, the device received two more Android updates, and due to this, it is currently running on Android 13. Being a budget-friendly smartphone, it may not get further Android updates.

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