Samsung launches program to exchange old phones for new Galaxy phone

Samsung recently unveiled a new effort that offers smartphone users who wish to upgrade even more comfort and usefulness in Brazil. This is the Vale Mais – Troca Smart program, where you can trade in your old smartphone, tablet, or wearable for a brand-new Samsung Galaxy model. Samsung announced the beginning of the program this coming Monday, November 19. This initiative aims to switch cell phones in a more convenient way. The old gadget’s worth might range up to 5,400 BRL, depending on the new device selected.

It is important to note that while sending his old model to Trocafone, the customer can be eligible for a bonus of 500 BRL. The whole thing is done online. The ability to trade in old or unused smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and other items for a new Samsung Galaxy is made possible by the fact that devices from companies other than Samsung are accepted.

The value is then defined in accordance with the company’s table and its evaluation. Continue with your transaction as usual after that.

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Senior Director of E-commerce Daniel Couri at Samsung Brazil stated that,” In our ‘Vale Mais’ campaign, there is an overvaluation of the used device, offering an immediate benefit to customers, making the acquisition of a new device an unprecedented and advantageous experience.”

For instance, if you submit your old handset to Trocafone, you might receive a bonus of up to BRL 500 and a reduction of up to BRL 5,400 on the purchase of 1 TB Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G. To learn more and benefit from the program, simply visit the official and to discover which products may be bought there. Following selection, the user will see a page with a description of the product and the bonus that may be used during the exchange.

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