Samsung Removes Emergency SOS Disable Option from Galaxy S23, S22 and other smartphones

The June “Super Update,” which will soon be made available for all Galaxy S23 variants, optimizes the cameras, kills bugs, and may even lengthen the battery life. In addition to this, the June Update includes a significant upgrade to the emergency SOS feature. Previously emergency services could be contacted on Galaxy handsets by pressing the power button three times. But the businesses then provided a choice to remove this shortcut. But it also led to more unintended activations, which is why Samsung chose to match the five pushes needed on other devices.

This June Super Update will prohibit owners of the Galaxy S23 and S22 from turning off Emergency SOS. There is no longer a mechanism to disable the functionality; it is always on. Some smartphones have already received this update from the firm. By rapidly pushing the power button five times, users of the Emergency SOS function can dial 911 to contact emergency personnel. This upgrade makes the S23 and S22 difficult to disable the function, something that UK police have requested.

Samsung One UI 6.0 Skin

This is comparable to the Android version of Emergency SOS, which has overwhelmed emergency services in the UK owing to the high amount of unintentional activations. Samsung allows customers to turn off the countdown for making emergency calls in addition to setting emergency SOS always on. Emergency services can be reached by dialing 999 in the UK, 911 in the United States, and 112 is the dialed number in India. This adjustment was made available to various Galaxy Smartphones, the Galaxy S22 series, and other foldable in some regions.

With the function being constantly enabled, accessing emergency services becomes very convenient. Along with the SOS upgrade, the Galaxy S23 series receives a tonne of camera-related upgrades in the June update. It includes the 2x zoom option for portrait pictures, and most version balances two zoom levels. The 50 MP primary camera’s 12MP crop is used by the Galaxy S23’s basic and Plus models.

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