Samsung Electronics Introduces Next-Generation Interactive Display at ISTELive 2023

At the 2023 ISTE Live Conference, which will be happening from June 25 to June 28, Samsung Electronics, a market pioneer in the world of business, will be introducing its new Interactive Display with Model number: WAC officially in Philadelphia. The author who wrote the book “Ditch That Textbook”, Matt Miller, unboxed the interactive display. The Samsung Interactive Display creates an immersive learning environment where every student can interact and exchange materials through personal and display devices.

The Samsung Interactive Display comes in three different sizes, 65-, 75-, and 85- and is much of a collaboration center that can revitalize classrooms through easy and seamless communication. It is the first interactive product from Samsung which can run on the Android OS, providing an easy-to-use interface for enhancing the learning environment. The educators can customize the apps that may be needed on their devices’ home screens. The Samsung Interactive Display allows the maximum sharing of nine displays and content windows, which can provide optimal efficiency.

Samsung Display to obtain US-based OLED microdisplay firm eMagin

Additionally, the Best Overall IT Solution Provider for the Education Market Award was given to Samsung by the 2023 EdTech Breakthrough Awards. The products on display include:

The Wall All-in-one – UHD Premium Direct View LED Display for Business (IA008B) provides sceneries with breathtaking brilliance and outstanding color purity through Ultra Chroma Technology.

Samsung Tizen Kiosk – All-in-one Self-Service Kiosk for Business(KM24A), comes with a beautiful touch display, speaker, printer, scanner, and a payment option that improves customer experience.

QRB Smart Signage – QB75B Direct-Lit 4K Crystal UHD LED Display for Business, upgrade your company with digital display.

Outdoor LED Signage – Gives crystal-clear images day or night; has been tested in adverse weather conditions.

Gaming monitor – Neo G7 Monitor for Business(S32BG752NN), Eye comfort and immersion to gamers through 1000R’s curved shape.

James Fishler, Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics America, stated,”While traditional classrooms centre on unidirectional teaching, schools today are finding collaborative classrooms – where students are free to interact and think creatively together – far more conducive to engagement, knowledge retention and skills development.”

Dr. Micah Shippee, Director of Education Technology Consulting and Solutions, said that”We look forward to sharing our insights and engaging fellow educators in meaningful dialogue during these hands-on sessions throughout ISTELive.”

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