Samsung launches limited edition Galaxy Z Flip4 in UAE

Samsung Electronics has come into collaboration with two brilliant millennial artists, and they have been hired with the aim of designing and creating a small batch of bespoke covers for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, reflecting its unique vision and commitment to fostering young talent. The two Moroccan designers brought out an original idea for modern graphics inspired by Morocco, skillfully blending unique components and reflecting their influences through this. With this partnership, the forthcoming era of designers can present their work by creating cutting-edge packages, showcasing their aesthetic vision, and appealing to Moroccan art connoisseurs.

Stickers influenced by Moroccan history have been created to better fit the cover and broaden the personalization choices. As a result, a variety of breathtaking visual works have been produced that immerse viewers in the culture and help to bring a new dimension to it. Users can pick a variety of artworks so that they can enable their own tastes. An introductory film was created to promote this partnership, giving viewers a sneak peek at the ideas that went into the creation of the package. Two designers took part in this initiative.

Wiam Azhar – A 22 years old young visual artist and a student at Casablanca Faculty of Architecture. She finds her interest in sketching and depicts the composition of an artist-painter. The combination of history and contemporary infuses her art with a rich cultural background that is inspired by the identity and authenticity of Morocco.

Sofia Arjan – An architecture student who lives in Rabat, started her artistic career with the fact that the highest act of freedom is offering creative expression in every form. The objective is to transform feelings and concepts into visible, approachable things. Her main goal is to protect the rich beauty that lies within the cultural heritage.

Each bespoke package will come with 2 Galaxy Buds, a wrap for the users to enjoy the full Galaxy experience. These customized packages can be ordered from both and Samsung Stores. The main aim behind the initiation of this event is the enhancement of Moroccan culture. Samsung strives for the encouragement of next-gen artists who want to promote Moroccan culture.

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