Android 14 will alert you from the sideload of app updates

When the user wants to install a new application for Android, most of the time, the option is Google Play. Google Play offers a variety of applications, but it is only applicable to Android, not to iPhone users. Earlier, it was only Google Play that was known for the purpose, but in recent times, its alternative has gained user access. APKMirror is one such alternative to Google Play services. The next Android 14 operating system will bring out a warning mechanism for users. This feature was launched in order to obtain upgrades for essential Google Apps through APKs, thereby improving user safety and averting mishaps.

This update holds the option of whether the user wants to update from other app stores or not. It displays a warning message “update this app from [new app store]” because “this app normally receives updates from [default app store].” Users can choose the option they wish. Additionally, a warning message stating, “By updating from a different source, you may receive future updates from any source on your phone,” will be displayed.

This update will roll out starting with Android 14 for the primary Google applications. Only updates to essential apps, like Play Services, should be claimed by the Google Play Store. While downloading the most recent apps APK, there will be no such warning message. Update ownership will be lost if the warning is disregarded, which will prevent further sideloading. Reinstall the app in order to permit updated ownership. However, the updates are under Android’s limitation, such as updates getting disabled if package names or signatures don’t match.

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IMG- Android Police

Some may not know that there were problems over this that updates installed outside of the Google Play Store unintentionally eliminated certain capabilities, especially when those features were restricted to specific versions of an application. This update is major for users who don’t know clearly what kind of update they are doing because it is always necessary to choose the correct update, as wrong files results in affecting the system’s functionality.

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Thanks to “Android Police