Google silently revealed an Android Upgrade Invite feature for smartphones

The difficulty of smartphone users installing updates is one of the biggest problems that mobile OS developers like Google encounter. In order to convince consumers to install the next update, Google is developing an Android Upgrade Invite function that will list the changes made in the next release. This change will be different from what users have received previously. Now looking into what the new feature developed by Google offers, when a significant system update, that is, when the operating system version changes, is available, the feature encourages the consumers to upgrade their Android smartphones.

Mishaal Rahman, a dependable Android writer, was the first one to notice the new capability and stated, “Not everybody jumps to install the latest OS update when it’s available. To help OEMs convince those users to update their devices, Google is inviting OEMs to implement an Android Upgrade Invite.” The new Android Upgrade Invite appears to be intended only for significant changes to the Android OS, like upgrading from Android 12 to 13 and similar like this.

In this new feature, users will be notified through push notification when an OS upgrade for their device is awaiting approval. There will be a list of notices with new features and invite consumers for the upgrade process. The Upgrade Invite experience stands out from previous updates by eliminating unnecessary features, upgrading the text block language, and changing the animations, colors, and fonts to reflect the brand of the devices.

Android OEMs will be eligible to access the feature; however, Google Mobile Services must be supported. Being used only with major Android OS versions, OEMs that update their own software without updating the underlying Android version will be able to add this function.

When comparing the new Android Upgrade Invite with the 2022’s old Android Upgrade Party, the old one explains only the contents of the recently installed system update to the user. But the new feature informs people about what they would get on the device should they really go to install the system upgrade.

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