Samsung smartphone user are still plagued by the green line issue

Samsung smartphone users are really facing a tough phase as the appearance of green and pink lines is affecting more Galaxy models. A lot of Galaxy series users have reported this issue recently. Last month a Galaxy S20 Ultra user reported that after installing a major software update, the screen displayed green and pink lines across the screen, and in return, Samsung offered a free repair for the affected device even though the phone was out of warranty. This policy was offered to some Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 series.

Now a user of Galaxy Z Flip 4 has reported this issue. Mritunjai Burman, a user in India, had a green line appear on the left side of his Galaxy Z Flip 4, and he said it had been five months since the purchase. He declined to replace the screen for free at the service center, stating that the problem was not covered by warranty despite the user’s guarantee that there was no physical damage. The user tried to report this issue to Samsung by sharing this information on his Twitter handle, but there was no response from the firm’s side.

Recently the firm offered a free repair service for a Galaxy S22 Ultra facing the same issue. Samsung should soon find a solution for this issue as it can create a bad impression on the customers. The firm should offer free screen replacement for every model reporting this issue despite the warranty. It is crucial because costly smartphones from the Galaxy series facing the issue will affect Samsung’s market.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra user got free screen replacement after green & pink lines issue

Samsung has always been a manufacturer that focuses on customer concerns and gives priority to fixing customer-stated issues. Samsung should address the green line issue officially and provide help through their official service centers and social media, as it’s been a long since the problem was raised.

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