Samsung Galaxy S22 users facing display issue after update: will the get free repair?

Just a moment ago, the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 offered a free screen renewal. Because the users were facing some display issues, but now it is looking like the users of S22 are also going through with this same issue.

Some of the users grumble about the display issue of the S22 Ultra. According to them, one separate part of the display turns white. The time period of this issue is not fixed; sometimes, it remains constant or just moves out automatically. In easy language in this issue, the separate part gets white, and the other content carries on its work properly. Also, this white patch issue is seen on the left side of the selfie camera.

Affected by this muddle in most phones, a green beam-like line appears on the right side of the screen. And related to these two issues, the display panel also looks glimmering. And because of these muddles, the users are getting a lot of difficulties in using the S22 Ultra normally with ease.

The interesting fact about this muddle is when the refresh rate turns to 60 Hz; then these white or glimmery beam line issues run away. But when the refresh rate turns back to 120 Hz automatically, the issue comes back.

Some of the users are saying that they noticed this issue after the One UI 5.1 update, and many of them are claiming the June 2023 security patch. And each and every user who is facing these issues is asserting that their S22 ultra has not dropped anywhere, so this problem is not about physical damage for sure.

After the warranty period, Samsung is refusing the Galaxy S22 phone:

According to the reports, Samsung refused to repair this damage free of cost after the warranty period gets over. In fact, most of the time, the company reuses the free repair of every phone whose warranty period gets over. And in this case, the service center asked to pay for screen replacements which is more than $250.

After viewing the same issue faced by many of the users in S22 Ultra, this problem is getting into controversy. And the most noticeable point is that it seems like a QR or a turn-out defect. So, in this case, the company must have to recall each and every defective device to replace the display free of cost because the users are claiming that they haven’t mishandled their phone. The company should tackle this issue and help out its users.

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