South Korean chip executive begins trial for allegedly stealing Samsung secrets

Earlier in June, the source, Reuters, released a news report regarding the sensitive information that a former employee of Samsung Electronics, Choi Jinseog, leaked. The allegation claimed that the former employee attempted to establish a chip factory in China using the technology relevant to Samsung’s semiconductor chips. In this case that highlights South Korea’s war on industrial espionage, a South Korean chip executive is on trial for his illegal act.

The high-profile criminal case against Choi, an accomplished engineer who was previously registered as a star in South Korea’s chip sector, underscores Seoul’s initiatives to combat industrial espionage and impede China’s advancement in the chip business. In his appearance at the hearing, Choi spiritedly rejected all the allegations and is now being held in custody in Swon, which is a city in Seoul, and it is known that Seoul is the headquarters of Samsung Electronics.

According to Kim Pilsung, Choi’s attorney,” the defendant (Choi) never used or gave orders to use Samsung Electronics’ data,” and what the prosecution alleged Choi had stolen was neither trade secrets nor crucial national technology. When questioned by the judge if he concurred with his attorney, Choi replied with a “yes” quickly.

Along with the judges, advocates, and accused, there were many people in the courtroom at the Swon district court, including Choi’s family and friends. Five former workers of Choi’s chip consultant company, Jin Semiconductor, as well as former workers for a Samsung contractor, have also been charged by the prosecution. They are charged with facilitating Choi’s data acquisition and transfer via different means.

Choi denied the claims that he attempted to establish a replica chip plant in China using information unlawfully gained through Samsung’s supplier network in a letter to the source, Reuters, last month from behind bars. He also added that he had no access to Samsung’s data after leaving the firm in 2004, also with any of the Samsung suppliers or employees. There have been no public remarks about this situation from Samsung’s side.

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Thanks to “Reuters