Samsung launches its biggest TV: 83-Inch Class OLED S90C TV

The South Korean Tech Samsung has greatly contributed to its innovation in both the smartphone and television lineups. To provide an enhanced viewing experience, Samsung Electronics America launched the 83-inch class OLED S90C TV model numbered 83S90C today. Now there are four varieties of OLED TV with screen sizes – 55 inches, 65 inches, 77 inches, and 83 inches. Users can choose one according to their room size, to enjoy the cinematic experience in your home, it is necessary to choose your TV that fits with your room size. The 83-inch model has already been made available on at the price of $5,399, and soon every retail owner will start marketing the TV.

Neural Quantum Processor: Your watch experience turns into awe after upscaling the material with 4K. With the presence of an AI-powered engine, every bit of the content turns into 4K. Live content, HD content, Old visuals, everything can turn into 4K. Images on the screen appear as they do in real life, as the processor uses 8.3 million self-illuminating pixels to offer information in stunning detail. Additionally, it is Pantone validated-the foremost color authority has approved of dramatic colors and vibrant color schemes.

Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound Lite: By utilizing Dolby Atmos and simulated top speakers to follow the narrative while keeping your ears on the action. With the Object Tracking Sound Lite, 3D sound glides seamlessly with tap dancing in the rain across the screen.

LaserSlim Design: With a depth of 4nm and the absence of bezels offers a stunning look, and the design makes the photo lively. Voice assistants manage users’ work, like searching their watch list and adjusting volumes. With the Q-Symphony, your TV speakers and Q-series or S-series soundbar work together as a single unit for the best audio. 

Samsung TV Plus app update brings vertical video support

Samsung Gaming Hub: Expand your gaming horizons without a console. Play Online games quicker than ever with easy access to favorite games and standalone applications. Features HDMI 2.1 and outstanding motion improvements for smooth 4K graphics at lightning-fast rates up to 120Hz, irrespective of the content. 

SolarCell Remote: Comes with a solar panel for charging and an integrated microphone for use with preferred voice assistant.

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