Galaxy Note 20 Ultra user got free screen replacement after green & pink lines issue

Samsung has always been concerned about their user’s issues and always manages to find salvation for their problems through their publication. There have been some issues with the Galaxy smartphone devices. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra gets green and pink lines vertically across its display after following the installation of software updates. This problem was recorded all over the world and also affected other Samsung phones too.

Other Galaxy smartphone users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the appearance of green and pink lines on their screens from nowhere. Previously, a Galaxy S21 Ultra user faced this issue, and he highlighted this issue on the Samsung Community forum. This is not the only report from the Galaxy smartphone users on Samsung.

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Recently another customer of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Ramen, tweeted a few days ago to report that after installing a fresh software update, their handset began displaying strange green and pink lines across the screen after the user installed the June 2023 security update. The damaged Galaxy Note 20 Ultra customer has now confirmed that Samsung replaced the phone’s screen for free even though the device had passed its warranty expiration date. The South Korean has also replaced the battery for free along with the OLED screen.

It is said that it may be the company’s responsibility for not thoroughly testing the software, or there can be any issues with the OLED display. Samsung’s this initiative has attracted many users across the world. They want Samsung to address the same issue of all the Galaxy owners who have encountered this problem and to find the root cause of this issue.

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