Samsung push service app more stable with the latest update

Samsung always aims to improve its parts of the ecosystem, whether its aspects of hardware or software, especially since the company regularly releases new updates to manage its services, proving through the software. Now following the same thing, a new update is available to enhance its push massage service.

Samsung Push Service update

Samsung has rolled out a new update for the Push service app. The new update comes under version number 3.4.061. According to the changelog, the new update brings enhancements to functional stability; in other words, after installing the latest update, the push message service will work better.

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The latest update is available in a very small software package of 1.88MB. In most cases, it is updated automatically, but in case your device fails to update it automatically, then you can also install the new update directly from the APKmirror.

For your information, the Samsung push service provides notifications of different services, like new messages displayed in the pop-up window; it displays a badge on the application icon for a new massage and also shows a new message on the notification bar. In a nutshell, this application is behind all the notification services of different features present in Samsung devices.

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