BTS ‘Saga’ will show up at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked presentation

Samsung will finally host its Unpacked Galaxy event, which is one of the most anticipated events of the year. The firm will unveil the foldable Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Watch 6 series, and Galaxy Tab S9 series in Seoul, South Korea. The anticipation for the products that will be revealed during the event is very much higher this time as the firm has planned something absolutely magnificent for the BTS fans. BTS fans were on cloud nine after the tweet from Samsung from yesterday.

The shared tweet contained a clue from the group’s beloved member Suga (Min Yoongi) that he will be attending the Galaxy Unpacked event. Suga’s arrival makes us wonder if the firm will organize any events with him. But an unnamed informant from the industry said that Suga wouldn’t be performing on stage, but he will attend the event as a guest. It is not something to get surprise because BTS is the official worldwide ambassador for Samsung Galaxy. Jimin and other members of the group made an exclusive on-screen cameo during the Galaxy Unpacked event in February as a model to promote the Galaxy S23 series.

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So this will be the first time that the firm is bringing up a BTS bandmate in person at a Galaxy event. By sharing Suga’s photos on their official Instagram page earlier this month, the firm gave us a hint which was unnoticed. A reliable source has added that” Samsung put considerable efforts into inviting Suga to its first Unpacked event on its home turf. Since the upcoming event means more to the firm, Suga’s presence is expected to make the event more special.”

Back in 2020, Samsung launched a limited edition of Galaxy smartphones, the Galaxy BTS edition, with the models Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus BTS edition and Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus BTS edition, respectively. Along with Suga, the Stray Kids will also be attending the event. The event is just a few hours away; everyone can witness the live streaming today on the official websites of Samsung, Samsung Newsroom, and the firm’s youtube handle by 7 am ET.

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Thanks to “Koreanherald