US carrier-locked Galaxy A53 gets July 2023 security patches and some improvements

Samsung is thinking more and more about the possibility of giving their devices good software support. Now, the Galaxy A53 is another one of the lucky ones that will get this update. This mid-range device came out at the start of the year and is supposed to get security updates for up to five years and the Android operating system for four years.

The Korean tech giant has started sending out the July update for carrier-locked Galaxy A53 5G phones in the US. The phone gets the software version A536USQS7CWG1, which includes all the fixes made by the latest security patches. With the July 2023 security update, Samsung has fixed up to 90 security flaws. Of these, 52 were released directly by Google and applied to all Android devices, while the other 38 were developed by Samsung, especially for Galaxy devices.

The update is expected to contain some improvements that ensure the overall. Additionally, the changelog also says that it will change the terms and conditions of the device with the installation. It is currently available for T-Mobile, MetroPCS, and Dish Wireless. However, Verizon units have already gotten the fix.

If you are the owner of the smartphone in question, you should be notified of the availability of the update shortly; if this does not happen, simply follow the path Settings -> Software Update -> Download and install to proceed with the manual download and subsequent installation.

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