Galaxy S21 Users Rejoice as Snapchat Introduces Ultrawide and Zoom Camera Features

Samsung is actively participating in a new change that can improve its Galaxy device’s functionality. Like last year, the Korean giant has partnered with three social media giants to improve the quality of photos taken with its in-built camera. Now, finally, the results of the partnership are coming up with a new update for Snapchat.

Snapchat now supports Ultrawide and Zoom camera support for the Galaxy S21.

According to a Reddit user, he found that Snapchat finally supports the native camera function, which means users will now get the exact quality of photos that are usually clicked by the main camera of the Galaxy S21. He is also claiming that the Zoom and UltraWide functions of the camera are working quite well.

According to the information, the integration is coming with the latest update of Snapchat, which is available with version number After installing this update, users will be able to use the functions of the camera. To take an ultrawide photo on Snapchat, you just need to do the same pinch-pinch-out gesture on the screen, or you can also click on the 0.6x button, present just above the shutter button in Snapchat.

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While taking Zoom photos, there is no difference from the native camera, as your Galaxy S21 has a 10X telephoto lens, which will benefit Snapchat users to get more zoom photos, while earlier Snapchat users only got 3X zoom.

So to get all the new features in Snapchat, you need to update it to a new version. Users can easily find it on the Google Play Store. It is also expected that you will also get better night photos because Snapchat will also have the ability to use night mode with native camera processing.

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