Samsung and uBreakiFix to Enhance Galaxy Phone Repair Services in the USA

To increase the number of Americans who have access to high-quality, in-person device care, Samsung and uBreakiFix by Asurion, which has been an authorized repair provider of Samsung since 2018, are now joining their efforts. uBreakiFix is a 2009-founded American chain of electronics repair shops that was acquired by Asurion in August 2019. Following some criteria, such as the volume of Samsung device repairs, turnaround time, and customer happiness, as well as the business’s position inside a large metropolitan region, the firm intends to open 50 uBreakFix stores as flagship stores.

Coming to how the flagship stores are different from the existing repair stores in specialized repair jigs, tools that were not available in repair stores, and model- and color- color specific merchandise Both businesses already intend to provide services by meeting the clients themselves in places like their residences, workplaces, coffee shops, etc., through their “We come to you” initiative. The main objective behind this is to provide same-day repair for as many customers as possible and attract them by satisfying their needs.

Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Orlando, and Los Angeles are the first five Asurion soft-launched flagship locations. An electronic recycling bin for small gadgets like laptops, printers, and monitors will also be available across every flagship location. On the Samsung flagship, 94% of walk-in repairs are on the same day. Professional repair services are available for everything with a power button with uBreakFix by Asurion, including PCs, gaming consoles, smart speakers, drones, smartphones, tablets, and everything in between.

The initiative was expanded last year to encompass all Galaxy Buds devices as well as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 series. Services are carried out by licensed professionals using original Samsung tools and components, along with testing to ensure the device functions well after that.

Mark Williams, Samsung Electronics America, stated, Our commitment at Samsung Care is to provide people with convenient, quality device care on their terms. When your device isn’t working, you want it fixed right and fixed fast. Partnering with uBreakiFix by Asurion to open these flagship locations means we can provide enhanced care for more Galaxy customers at an in-store level.”

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