Android Auto 10.2 Stable Version Available: What’s New

Google’s latest security patches for its Pixel phones fix a problem that affected Android Auto users who used wifi connections. In recent weeks, owners of cars like the Toyota Rav4 have reported that the device doesn’t work when they try to connect it via Bluetooth to the car’s entertainment system.

Some users say that the August security fixes solved this problem, even though Google has never talked about how important it is. So, it looks like you can take a sigh of relief at least on this point. At the same time, the Mountain View giant is working on other parts of Android Auto. The fact that people are getting updates frequently shows that this is the case. In particular, the company is putting out Android Auto 10.2, which will become available to all users over time.

As usual, Google did not share a log of the changes, but some news would have already come out.

In music apps, for example, this version adds a new search icon. Then, users will be able to type in the name of a song, artist, or record they want to hear. Android Auto instantly locks the keyboard when the car starts to move. If the car is moving, only voice input is allowed. All music apps that run on Android Auto, like Spotify and YouTube Music, will be able to use the new search feature. Lastly, Google seems to be turning on the tool on the server side, so not all users can use it yet.

If you want to download the latest versions of Android Auto you can rely on APK Mirror (find the dedicated page by following this link). In particular, version 10.2 stable can be found here.

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