Samsung fixes 85 critical issues with its August 2023 security patches

As usual, Samsung has already started putting out the latest security patches for some of its devices, which are those for August 2023. The company has also explained what flaws are fixed with each security update.

According to a security bulletin posted on the company’s website, the August 2023 update fixes as many as 85 security holes. Of these, 50 were fixed directly by Google, which means they apply to all Android devices, and 35 were fixed by Samsung but only for Galaxy devices.

Tow of these fixes goes to fix criticallevel vulnerabilities, while 48 fixes are related to vulnerabilities classified as high-level. Moreover, 1 is a moderatelevel, 5 is already included in previous updates, and 4 does not apply to Samsung devices.

Visit Samsung security SMR page to learn more about the security flaws that Google fixed in the August 2023 security patch for Android devices. Most of these security holes are in devices that run Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13. 

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