Samsung could bring AI-powered video generator to Galaxy devices

The Seattle-based startup Irreverent Labs Inc., which creates artificial intelligence models for producing video content, has received funding from Samsung Next. Rahul Sood, the chief executive officer, and David Raskino, the chief technology officer (CTO), co-founded Irreverent Labs in 2021. Sood previously served as the head of Microsoft Corp.’s venture capital division. To create a video game with a cryptocurrency integrated into it, the business raised $45 million. In order to emphasize the generative AI business, Irreverent Labs discontinued the development effort last year. It is quite popular that every firm wants to adapt artificial intelligence of their own to specialize in content.

Irreverent Labs will initially focus its solution on social media content providers, according to the source, TechCrunch. One, they created a robot cockfighting game, MechaFightClub, that utilized NFTs, and it is claimed by the firm that the game was a tool to demonstrate what is essentially a sizable machine learning model that allows users to generate videos using inputs, from images to text to audio. Irreverent Labs also has the enterprise market as its top goal. The business intends to release an application programming interface, or API, that will allow programmers to incorporate its video-generating AI into their organizations’ software.

Sood shared that the company chose to collaborate more closely with Samsung as a strategic investor in part to gain access to Samsung Next portfolio companies that would need to use its API. Starting with the creation of AI technology, video games later offered all kinds of videos, including 3D ones, with greater possibilities. The consumers of irreverent are people who produce short content and launch it on platforms like Tiktok, YouTube, and Instagram occasionally. After that, with AI-based models, it has been possible to create brief video content for people who have no in-depth experience in video production.

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Joan Kim, an investor at Samsung Next, opened up about the funding: The possibilities that Irreverent Labs’ technology unlocks are vast, and the potential impact on the mobile devices in our pockets and backpacks and the televisions mounted on our living room walls is immense. From concept to reality, this revolutionary model bridges the gap between imagination and execution.”

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