Samsung Internet Browser Beta update brings two new useful changes

Samsung Internet Browser Beta is the most widely used application among Galaxy users. The application provides a quite simple and interactive interface for the users, which enhances the internet browsing experience. Samsung has added many features to the app that are still not available in some popular applications, like Chrome. Now the company has made some more changes with new updates.

It is important to note that, here we are talking about the Internet Browser beta application; don’t be confused with other Samsung Internet browsers; however, both are the same application, but the difference is that the company always makes initial changes to the beta application before moving on to the stable one.

Samsung Internet Browser Beta Update

In an earlier update, Samsung increased the number of history list displays, which means you can see more previous browsing history on the display. Now,  with this increment, the company has also added more days of storing history. In addition, the new update also brings a new function that will autocomplete the URL in the address bar. For instance, if you type Samsung on the address bar, it will complete the URL and complete it with a domain extension,.net, or whatever you frequently use.

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The latest update of Samsung Internet Browser Beta is now available on the Galaxy Store with version number It is available at 118.54MB. It is worth noticing that the application is also available for other Android users, so it is also available on the Google Play Store.

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