Android Auto voice command not working for several users

Google, in its Android ecosystem, has several products that offer convenience to the users, for instance, Google Home Mini, which offers assistance in several things, but as you know, every coin has two sides, so on the other side, Android Auto, which is not offering the right services or has failed to give the desired services to the users. According to recent reports, Android Auto’s handful of voice commands are failing.

According to the several reports of users that are posted on Reddit and the Google support forum, the most necessary function of Android Auto is not working: the voice command. It is one of the very important functions of Android Auto, which allows users to interact with the infotainment system without having to physically operate it.

The problem of voice commands failing is suddenly faced by several users; when they are trying to use the voice commands, the screen flashes the message “voice commands are not available at the moment”. It doesn’t seem that it is limited to any specific version. Most likely, it could be a server-side issue. Previously, these types of issues appeared and were fixed automatically, but it took time. You can also try downgrading the application to the previous version, as some users got rid of the issue immediately.

Android Auto Not Starting: How To Fix The Problem Quickly

Google has not issued any statement about this issue, so most likely the Android team is analyzing the problem and may fix it in some time, or if it is linked to some major internal fault, it may only be solved with the next update.

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