Samsung ClockFace Update Fixes Bug that Forced Some Existing Clocks to Change

The Samsung Galaxy ecosystem is full of some existing functions; the ClockFace is also one of them. It offers a different collection of clock styles that users can easily apply on the lock screens; it also provides customization options, and users can also create their own clock.

Samsung ClockFace’s new update v2.3.19

Samsung has rolled out a new update for Clock Face; the update comes with version number 2.3.19. According to the changelog, the latest update improves the functioning of the clock, and the error that was forcing clocks to change to other clock styles is now resolved.

Apart from this, Samsung has also issued a notice and said that after the update, users who have applied the sample clock provided in the previous version will be reverted to the older version 2.3.6. The clocks created in v2.3.18 will be restored to the previous palette.

Clock Face Update: What’s New

  • Fixed Error the Clocks to Change
    • Fixed the error that some existing clocks were forced to change after the app patch (v2.3.18) in order to keep the previous clocks.
  • Notice for Users Who Installed v2.3.18
    • Clocks created in v2.3.18 will be restored to the previous palette (first time only).
    • If you applied the sample clock provided in v2.3.18, it will revert to the sample clock of the previous version (v 2.3.6)(first time only).

Users who own Samsung smartphones can easily update the function via the Galaxy Store. The update is available in a very large package of 142.25 MB, so it may also include more internal improvements to functions.

Samsung Good Lock Wonderland now supports flex wallpaper with the latest 1.3.04 update

It is worth noticing that ClockFace is one of the modules of Good Lock, so users can also update the app through the Good Lock suite. This month, several Good Lock modules have been updated to the latest version, so if you are one who likes Samsung’s customization service, you should update these apps on your device. To get the information, click here.

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