One UI 6.0: Samsung combines all the different files trash in one place

Samsung has now combined the recycle bin items in one place; if you delete anything from the Gallery, My Files, or other third-party app data, which includes different files including photos, videos, and documents, it will now all come together and be available under the My Files recycle bin. This change comes with OneUI 6.

One UI 6.0 combines Recycle Bin of Gallery and My Files

When you delete something, it will directly go to the recycle bin, but when you delete the items from the Gallery, the photos are stored in the dedicated recycle bin, while if you delete them from the My File section, they are stored in another place. Due to this, it takes time to search for them if you forget where you have deleted items, but now, due to the improvements, it will be easy to find them as you can see all the deleted items in one place.

Where is the main recycle bin menu available?

The recycle bin option is still available and has not been removed from the previous places. You can still find the option in the Gallery and My Files, but now whenever you open them, you will see the combination of stuff deleted from the Gallery, My Files, and other apps. The limit for restoring the deleted items has also not changed; it is the same as before: 30 days.

One more thing: the recycle bin available in Messages and Contents is not combined, which means you will still see separate messages and contact storage in their dedicated place.

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