Android 14 to bring six new emojis

Eventually, there will be new emoji available. New emoji will eventually start to appear on your devices because, according to Emojipedia, Emoji 15.1 has gotten formal approval from the Unicode Consortium. Emoji 15.1 has been formally authorized, which is the most recent list of emoji proposals created by the Unicode Consortium. In the course of the next year or two, 118 new emojis ought to be available on all of our digital devices.

Emoji 15.1 is the most recent collection of emojis that has been approved for publication. It was approved with Unicode 15.1 on September 12, 2023. According to Emojipedia, the six brand-new emoji include a broken chain, a phoenix, a lime, a horizontally shaking head, and a vertically shaking head. In addition, there are a few new emoji that represent different family sizes, as well as some existing emoji that will change their faces. Please take note that until platforms start rolling out compatibility, the codepoints displayed below won’t appear with a vibrant emoji design.

Many users will see these emojis displayed in the simple Noto Emoji typeface for the time being. All 118 emojis in the Emoji 15.1 list were created using zero-width joiner (ZWJ) sequences. The release of Emoji 15.1 does not indicate that the new set of smileys is prepared to appear on the majority of smartphones and technological devices; rather, it will be necessary for the various manufacturers to integrate support for the new emoji in the relevant software, which may take a few months.

Samsung continues to refine its Emoji design for Galaxy devices

All you need to do is visit the corresponding page on the official blog if you want to get more knowledge about all the new features included in the Emoji 15.1 package.

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