Samsung Changed frequency of One UI Software Updates for Older Galaxy Devices

Whenever it comes to software updates, there is no company that can compete with Samsung; however, the company has come a long way in improving its software department. Earlier, it faced a lot of criticism over its slowness in providing updates for the devices, but with time, the company has brought a lot of changes to its strategy and set some rules for updating its Galaxy devices.

Due to the new changes, the company has been successful in delivering the updates for the users on time, and to make it more seamless, it has also made some software policies for Galaxy devices that set the limitations for updates to devices, and due to this, some devices will have no update available while others will have a lower frequency of updates. Based on this policy, eight devices will be affected, including the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy A20s, A30s, A50s, A70s, Galaxy Tab Active Pro, Galaxy M22, and Galaxy M52 5G.

One UI 6 & Android 14 Mark the Final Major Update for These Galaxy Devices

Informatively, the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy A20s, A30s, A50s, A70s, and Galaxy Tab Active Pro devices were launched back in 2019 with the promise of getting updates for four years, and this month they have reached their limit. To confirm, Samsung has also removed them from the official page of Samsung mobile security.

On the other hand, Samsung is also degrading two devices, including the Galaxy M22 and the Galaxy M52 5G. For your information, both of the devices were launched back in 2021 with Android 11 preinstalled. Initially, Samsung put them on the list of devices getting quarterly updates, but after getting older by two years, these devices are now shifted to a biannual update list, which means they will now get only two security updates in a year.

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