Samsung Electronics Brings the ‘2030 Busan Expo’ to Europe

Large-scale screens in key European cities have been used by South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. to promote Busan’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo, the company said on Friday. As per authorities, Samsung recently put up new billboards in downtown London, including Knightsbridge and Kensington, promoting the charms of the southeast port city and expressing support for Busan’s candidature for an international fair.

Around 300,000 times since September of last year, Samsung has also run advertisements for the Busan expo on large LED science in locations like Callao Square in Madrid, Piccadilly Circus in London, and other locations. Over 200 million people worldwide were exposed to the allure of Busan, given that each square serves as a representative example of a European square and receives over 100 million visits annually. At the 173rd general meeting of the BIE on November 28, when the location of the 2030 Expo was determined, Samsung Electronics intended to keep supporting the hosting of the Busan Expo.

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Busan’s proposal is likely to get a major boost from the presence of an internationally known company like Samsung. This action highlights Samsung’s growing role as a major contributor to national efforts, in addition to its status as a technology giant. If this campaign is successful, it will highlight the company’s impact outside of its current market. Together with an image showing some of Busan’s most well-known sights, the new outdoor commercial has a statement in favor of the city hosting the Expo. As it moves through London, the “Busan Expo Black Cab,” a cab with a similar style and blue decorations, is drawing notice as well.

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