Samsung to Lead Smartphone Market in 42 Countries in 2023

As per the Quarterly Market Monitor study by Counterpoint Research, Samsung is expected to maintain its dominant position in 42 nations in 2023, compared to its previous dominance of 46 countries. Based on comprehensive research including 74 countries, it is anticipated that Samsung could relinquish its top ranking in six of them, including the Philippines, while simultaneously taking the lead in two of them, India and Malaysia. This year, Samsung is expected to drop out of the top spot in four nations.

Three of the six nations where Samsung is expected to lose its top spot are Kuwait, Algeria, and the Philippines. In the past, Samsung has found success in the Philippines, where it has a significant portion of the Southeast Asian market for exports. Unfortunately, things are changing, particularly in light of the enthusiastic reaction that the Realme C55 model, which was introduced in H1 2023, has received. A midnight sale on e-commerce sites was the result of the model’s considerable popularity.

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This increase in momentum portends a potential challenge to Samsung’s dominant position in the second half of the year. Samsung is predicted to lose ground to Apple in Kuwait, while TECHNO is predicted to overtake Samsung in Algeria. With the success of the iPhone 14 Pro series in the $800 and up luxury class during H1 2023, Apple is likely to take the lead in Kuwait’s largest GCC market. Samsung, however, is about to lose its top spot in Algeria as a result of TECNO’s aggressive price policies.

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But Samsung has a good chance this year to overtake Xiaomi and take the top spot in Malaysia and India. To gain market share in India, Samsung has been utilizing a variety of tactics. The Galaxy A series is aimed at physical channels; the F series is concentrated on Flipkart, a major online store; and the M series is a major participant on Amazon. Samsung’s market share has expanded in part because of the positive reception the company’s premium portfolio of the Galaxy S and Z series has received in India. Samsung is effectively executing a well-rounded distribution plan.

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