Forbes Names Samsung the World’s Best Employer for the Fourth Straight Year

Forbes has once again named Samsung Electronics “The World’s Best Employer.” With this honor, Samsung has now held the top spot for four years running. This is an incredible and outstanding accomplishment that highlights the strong momentum the electronics giant has built by encouraging and enabling its workers to realize their full potential. Because of its favorable image in the business and the great degree of happiness and pride that its employees have in their firm, Samsung maintained its success on the Forbes list.

Leading businesses, like Samsung, are putting a strong emphasis on growth prospects, international collaboration, remote work, and giving their workers meaningful work to do, as per a Forbes announcement piece. Forbes polled more than 170,000 workers in 50 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, China, India, Vietnam, Korea, and others, using Statista. In addition to being asked if they would suggest the firm to friends or family, survey respondents also evaluated the working conditions, economic success, and social responsibility of their employer.

Additionally, workers were asked to access other businesses in the same sector. The 700 businesses that received the highest marks out of all the replies were included in the final list. Businesses are not charged to take part in the survey, and it is expressly forbidden for them to tamper with the poll’s methodology or outcomes. Additionally, the survey guarantees complete anonymity for all respondents.

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It’s possible that Samsung’s coming workplace, which has on-site gyms and cafeterias, a “Creative Lab” where staff members can submit ideas for review and then participate in the commercialization ideas, and talent exchange and training programs that allow staff members to move between the Korean headquarters and subsidiaries, contributes to the company’s consistent top ranking. The Employee Resource Group (ERG), a networking organization for executive and staff members who are voluntarily involved in diversity and inclusion,

Participation in several charitable initiatives that benefit the neighborhood, such as “Solve for Tomorrow” and “Samsung Innovation Campus,” also boosts employee pride. In order to give workers at all levels a relaxing, secure atmosphere where they can maximize their productivity, Samsung is constantly innovating its work culture and procedures. The organization also offers extracurricular amenities, including on-site dining options, medical services, wellness centers, and therapy for mental health issues.

In order to promote creativity and teamwork, Samsung has also launched and funded the University of Samsung Electronics (UniverSE), which offers integrated job and leadership education to help staff members develop into global leaders. The Samsung Talent Exchange Programme (STEP), a worldwide mutual talent exchange program, and Mosaic, an internal idea sharing platform Each of these programs helps the gifted workers who choose to work at Samsung become more developed, engaged, and satisfied.

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