Galaxy S23 Ultra’s AI Moon Feature Reportedly Disappears After One UI 6.0 Update

A function that allowed users to take exceptionally accurate pictures of the moon was previously included in Samsung’s top flagship, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. But other people thought the moon images were completely fake, and the feature caused controversy. In reply, Samsung made it clear that although AI technology was used, the finished product was a compilation of many photos with extra visual effects. After the One UI 6.0 update was released, it has been alleged that Samsung deleted the moonshot function.

Samsung appears to have taken that AI moon function off of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, based on a post on the X platform by tipster Ice Universe. After Samsung released the One UI 6.0 upgrade, this is said to have occurred.

The tipper further demonstrated that the functionality isn’t functioning by sharing a picture of the moon taken using his Galaxy S23 Ultra. It is also important to know that by posting camera samples that show the AI moon feature is still functional on their handsets, some users have refuted this allegation.

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On the other hand, its removal by Samsung isn’t officially verified; however, it’s possible. It looks like the functionality may alter depending on who uses it. At present, Samsung has not formally acknowledged this possible problem, and the informant has not given any more information on the subject. Since the situation is yet unknown, there might be variations in how different users experience the functionality.

With the introduction of the most recent Android 14 OS to Samsung phones, the One UI 6.0 update represents a noteworthy feature. The update includes powerful AI functions that are similar to those offered by Apple and Google, in addition to the OS upgrade. AI Image Clipping” allows you to create stickers out of things in a photo by cutting them off. After pasting the sticker onto another image, you can easily adjust its size. A One UI 6.0 upgrade has begun to spread across a number of Samsung smartphones, ranging from flagship to mid-range models.

Also, new AI-integrated capabilities like “Sky Guide,” which can recognize stars and constellations in images of the night sky, and photo editing options like refining older photographs have been added to the Galaxy Enhance-X app.

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