Samsung To Improve Animations In The Next One UI 5 Beta/Stable Update

Samsung released its latest Android 13-based firmware, One UI 5.0 Beta 3 version for the Galaxy S22 series. Launched with several modifications regarding screen lock, notifications, gallery, etc. But the most awaited change that users were expecting was the animation of the interface as its presentation was slow, the company has tried to fix it, but still, it is pretty less than the expectations.

To release the One UI 5.0 interface with no technical glitch, the company has released these beta programs that act as a sample interface of the final one, so the users can provide Samsung feedback and help develop the layout with the best features.

After spreading beta’s, the most evident problem is the animation of the user interface, which is slow. Several users have already sent feedback to the company regarding this problem, but it seems that Samsung is still struggling to frame it better.

Recently, @IceUniverse uploaded a video on Twitter showing the childish change done by Samsung regarding its animation in the 3rd beta. This Korean brand just cut down the frame to make it faster, this modification can’t observe simply, but in slow motion, childish alteration is easily displayed. It is not a long-lasting solution as Samsung is among the top leading brands in the world, and customers expect much more, so it has to work on this problem to maintain dignity and quality, which is always key points of Samsung.

Glaring at the cons doesn’t hide the pros of the beta, which provides many exciting features like:
Extra Customized Lock-Screen:

  • System-Wide Color scheme will be followed by 3rd party apps
  • Better Gallery View
  • Change in Notifications

The third beta is rolled out for the Galaxy S22 series, the flagship model of this year, whereas Galaxy S21 is receiving the second beta version. Well, the beta was initiated with Exynos and later on with Snapdragon. Observing the scenario, it looks like the final version is near the ready point.

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