Samsung One UI 5 New Lock Screen Interface Customizations

Despite rumors that it would be delayed, the South Korean giant finally began distributing One UI 5.0 Beta 3 for the Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra. The company has updated the useful and gorgeous lock screen custom interface to One UI 5 and patched the system of the previous version in this new release.

One UI 5.0 Lock Screen Interface:

With the One UI, 5.0 Galaxy users are now able to tap and hold directly on the lock screen to adjust widgets, shortcuts, or the wallpaper instantly. You can select a single wallpaper or utilize a collection of wallpapers, alter the shortcuts on the lock screen, enter personal data, adjust the clock and widgets, and modify notifications.

One UI 5.0 Lock Screen Customize:

Users can now customize the lock screen clock with 6 different artistic font options, 5 watch faces, and a variety of colors for ton-sur-ton with background images like a solid color, negative, gradient, or automatically adjust to dark or light background thanks to Samsung’s integration of the Lockface string into the system.

One UI 5.0 Watch Faces:

Users can easily adjust this watch faces size by zooming in or out. You can choose simply icons or notification icons with detailed information for the notification view. Even the text color and transparency level are customizable. However, Samsung has included a really seamless and lovely transition animation from the lock screen to the Always-on Display mode.

One UI 5.0 Wallpapers:

Regarding wallpapers, Samsung has also classified different indexes so that users can easily choose their own style for their phone’s lock screen. It includes division by Color, Gallery and Graphics as well as other wallpaper service. In Color and Graphics mode, Samsung has brought new background images that are quite clear and modern, which you can follow below.

At the same time, Samsung has also customized the design of the new fingerprint registrant with a green ring around the fingerprint area for better focus. Besides, Samsung has also brought back the red Icon of the Collections application, redesigned the story section of the Collection…

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