Samsung Will Update These 11 Galaxy To The Stable Android 13 Version This Year

Looking at the records of several smartphone brands makes clear that their flagship models should receive the latest OS and UI, and then, according to the software policy, it is decided which may also be based on the cost of the device.

Samsung Android 13 Stable Update

As per the leak from SamMobile, we received information where it has been described how Samsung is rolling out the new One UI 5.0 with its flagship devices. The twist is the most popular mid-range mobile Galaxy A53 has a chance to be included in the list.

Samsung will be finalising the first stable version of Android 13 with the One UI 5.0 for its top of the line, according to the recently surfaced information. By the end of the year, or in no more than three months, the significant update is anticipated.

The devices that will take priority over the release of Android 13 are as follows:

  1. Galaxy S21
  2. Galaxy S21+
  3. Galaxy S21 Ultra
  4. Galaxy S22
  5. Galaxy S22+
  6. Galaxy S22 Ultra
  7. Galaxy Z Fold 3
  8. Galaxy Z Fold 4
  9. Galaxy Z Flip 3
  10. Galaxy Z Flip 4
  11. Galaxy A53

Last month Google introduced Android 13 with its Pixel series. The South Korean Company Samsung has been busy rolling out the beta version of its coming user interface.

So there will also be room for the medium-range among the devices that will receive Android 13 first with the One UI 5.0. This is certainly great news, after the several beta versions released by Samsung for its Galaxy S22.

Users are so loopy that they are ready to take risks with their handsets for using the beta version to learn about the latest features. The user should describe any glitches and bugs as feedback will solved.

We remind you that Samsung is not currently opening the One UI beta program for all carriers of the US. Therefore, you will have to wait for the stable version of Android 13 to try the new version of the robot on Samsung models in the United States. There are still no exact timing for the release, but we don’t expect much to be missing.

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