Samsung Responds To The Problem Of Swollen Batteries In The Galaxy Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which was at the time eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts and industry experts, was forced to be pulled off the market by the Korean giant due to exploding smartphone batteries, an issue for which he ultimately was unable to find a fix.

A couples of week ago, the well-known YouTuber Arun Maini, aka Mrwhosetheboss, about problems with the batteries of some Samsung Galaxy smartphones are causing a stir. He has issued a video outlining a problem he’s noticed with a number of his older Samsung phones.

However, there have been a several reports in recent days regarding another issue with the batteries of older Samsung smartphones. It appears that these models, which have been put aside and haven’t been recharged in a while, could pose a risk to users.

In particular, after so many months without charging, their batteries could be led to swell due to the creation of gas (due precisely to non-use), and, in certain cases, this could even cause a fire. According to what we have learned, this problem concerns not only the old phones of Samsung but also those of other manufacturers, although it seems that the models of the Korean giant are more subject to it.

What Should You Do In This Situation?

  • One of the things you should avoid doing if your phone’s battery is also in danger of damage is charging it; if it is damaged, it may explode or catch fire.
  • In these circumstances, it is best to avoid even disassembling the phone to remove the battery and, if you must, to store the phone in a fireproof bag.
  • On the other hand, if the smartphone is still very new, you can get in touch with the maker to ask about the potential of getting a new one. If not, recycling must be done, of course, with all the essential safety precautions.

Samsung Responds About Swollen Batteries

At present, the Korean giant has not taken an official position on the problem of the batteries of his old phones that swell after a long inactivity and, according to reports of those who claim to have contacted the manufacturer, the service team has often wanted to pick up the device in question, and then provide general answers.

At the moment the Samsung team would be studying the situation but there does not seem to be a ready solution and, if you consider how extensive the problem could be, the Korean giant has really bad cat to peel.

The hope is that Samsung will be able to find a remedy quickly while as far as the future is concerned, many are already wondering if it is not possible to return to the use of removable batteries.

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