Samsung One UI 5.0: Here Is The Key Features & Release Date

During the SDC 2022 developer event on Wednesday, Samsung officially unveiled its new customized user experience for mobile devices. One UI 5, which is based on Android 13. It pushes personalization and productivity to the next level. Explore new features that enable you to build a Galaxy experience that reflects your personal style and help you to get more done on all your devices, wherever or whenever you need to.

Samsung promises to provide more fluid animations and more personalization, among other notable features. Additionally, widgets now include additional features and enhancements, like Stacked Widgets, which help the home screen’s customization.

By introducing the new One UI 5, Samsung has empowered users to easily customize their device’s look and feel, while enhancing productivity and providing amazing experiences across devices and platforms.

One UI 5 brings more personalized experiences with custom-built Modes and Routines, and a Dynamic Lock screen that displays multiple visuals on your phone, your Galaxy Watch and other One UI 5 devices. With the new Bixby Text Call feature, Bixby Voice will answer calls on your behalf and share typed messages with the caller, speaking aloud as if you had answered. In other words, Bixby will be an intermediary in the conversation between two people over a voice call.

One UI 5 also introduces new daily health solutions to help track health and wellness in one place. This includes the Samsung Privileged Health SDK, which enables developers to build apps that leverage the BioActive Sensor on the Galaxy Watch.

If we are talking about Samsung’s virtual AI assistant, Bixby, who has a role in Routines. The aim is for the feature to allow restrictions on the use of certain applications and to be expanded to other devices in the company’s ecosystem, such as tablets and smartwatches.

To top it off, the new edition of Samsung’s custom interface will have greater integration with Galaxy Watch smartwatches. One of the possibilities is using the BIoActive sensor of the Watch 4 and Watch 5 smartwatches through an SDK released to developers.

One UI 5 Key Features

One UI 5 with its powerful new features makes your everyday effortless, allowing you to get things done easily across all your Galaxy devices. Be more expressive and enjoy the enhanced customization experience.

1. Customization and expression

Lock screen customization

Just tap and hold the Lock screen to customise your wallpaper, clock style, notification settings and more all in one place with a live preview. In addition, you can easily trim a video clip to create a lively wallpaper. With a few taps, make one of your happiest moments appear on your Lock screen.

More wallpaper choices

Wallpaper settings are redesigned, making it easier for you to find wallpapers for your Home and Lock screens. Browse through newly added colours, graphic wallpapers and Dynamic Lock screens in one place.

Easy recognition with call background

Set a different call background for each contact so you can easily see who’s calling with just a quick glance.

More options on your colour palette

It’s easier to find the colours that are right for you. Choose from up to 16 colour themes that match your wallpaper or preset colour themes that are beautifully curated to fit your taste.

2. Modes and Routines

Easier discovery of preset routines

The design layout of Discover screen has been simplified to make it easier to find useful routines.

Sleep mode

Sleep mode lets you automate more actions when it’s time for bed, like adjusting screen brightness and changing the sound mode.

Modes for your activities

Choose a mode based on what you’re doing, such as exercising, studying or working to set your phone adequate to each situation. For example, turn on ‘Do not disturb’ when you’re studying or play music during a workout.

Active routines at a glance

Routines that are currently running are now shown at the top of the Routines screen so you can understand what’s happening and make changes if necessary.

More conditions and actions

Automatically start routines when you use Airplane mode or Mobile Hotspot. Routines can now open an app pair, adjust the left/right sound balance and more.

3. Widget

Stack widgets on Home screen

Combine several widgets of the same size into a single widget to make your Home screen look neat and organised. Just drag a widget onto another one to create a stack, then swipe left and right to switch between widgets. You can add more widgets to your stack at any time with a simple drag and drop. 

Smart suggestions widget

The newly added Smart suggestions widget knows what you need before you do. It suggests apps to use, people to call, calendar events to add and more, based on your usage patterns.

4. Multitasking

Change the view with a gesture

Switch from full screen to split screen view by swiping upward from the bottom of the screen with two fingers. Switch from full screen to pop-up view by swiping to the center with one finger from either corner at the top of the screen. Gestures can be turned on or off in Settings Labs.

Quick open apps in split screen

Drag apps from the taskbar or Recents screen to open them however is most convenient for you. Drag to the top, bottom, left, or right edge of the screen to open in split screen. Drag to the center of the screen to open in a pop-up.

5. Connected experience

Hide phone notifications on your TV

When viewing content from your phone on your TV with Smart View, you can choose to hide notifications on your TV to prevent others from seeing your personal information.

Connected devices menu

The Connected devices menu is newly added to Settings, making it quicker and easier to access features that work with other devices, like Quick Share, Smart View and Samsung DeX, all in the same place.

Google Meet: Video call with Google Meet

Google Duo and Google Meet have combined to bring the best of Google’s technology into one video-calling experience: Google Meet. With Google Meet, you can make instant video calls and schedule video meetings with up to 100 participants. 

Google Meet: Share experiences together with live sharing

Do co-activities virtually with live sharing from Google Meet. Watch YouTube videos, listen to music, or play games with others in real time. 

6. Design and interface

Smoother animation

New animations and transition effects make switching between screens feel more natural. Animations and other visual feedback appear instantly when you touch the screen, making interactions more intuitive.

Improved blur effects and simplified colour schemes 

Background blur effects on the quick panel, Home screen, and throughout One UI have been improved with brighter colours for a clearer and more consistent experience. Simplified app colour schemes help you avoid distractions and focus on your current task.

Updated app icons and illustrations

The symbols on app icons are larger to make them look bolder and easier to recognise. A new illustration style is applied to certain apps to give a consistent look.

7. Camera and gallery

Help guide in Pro mode

Help icon has been added in Pro and Pro video modes to provide helpful tips on how to use various lenses, options and controls.

Histogram in Pro mode

Use the histogram to check the brightness to help you get the perfect exposure.

Easy zoom with one hand

With the minimised zoom bar, you can zoom in and out with a single swipe using one hand.

Add watermarks to photos

Automatically add a watermark in the corner of each photo containing the date and time the shot was taken and also the custom information you have typed in.

Telephoto lens in Food mode 

Take better close-up shots of food using the telephoto lens.

Easy filter selection

Selecting filters on Camera, photo editor and video editor mode got easier. All filters are available in one list, so you can find the perfect filter for your photo or video at once.

All-new look for Stories

Stories that are automatically created in your Gallery have been renewed with an interactive slideshow view. Just tap or swipe to move between photos and videos in your Stories.

Customise albums in Gallery

Choose which albums appear by default and hide less frequently used albums to clutter down your Gallery. You can also merge albums that have the same name and create albums that automatically update to include pictures of people you select.

8. Photo and video editor

Keep Portrait mode effects even after editing

Portrait mode effects such as blur, studio and high-key mono are now saved even after cropping, so you can adjust the background effects at any time.

Draw perfect shapes on photos and videos

In Photo and video editor, you can now easily draw certain shapes such as a circle, triangle, rectangle or heart by using the pen tool. Hold your finger on the screen when you finish drawing to make it instantly transform to straight lines and perfect angles.

More sticker options

Make your photos and videos more fun with 60 newly added emoji stickers

Enhanced GIF editing

Trim and transform animated GIFs to make them the right size or shape.

Create stickers from any photo

Create new stickers from photos in your Gallery. Use the lasso tool to select the part you want to make into a sticker and add decorations or outlines. You can use the sticker on both photos and videos.

9. AR Emoji and stickers

Diverse AR Emoji stickers

When creating a new AR Emoji, be more expressive with the default 15 stickers provided and new stickers available for download on AR Emoji Sticker app.

Do more with AR Emojis

Use transparent backgrounds for AR Emoji stickers, or choose any picture from your Gallery to use as a background for your emoji in AR Emoji Camera. You can also pair up two emojis together and create fun dances and poses.

10. Samsung Keyboard

New emojis for emoji pairs

On Samsung Keyboard, 88 new emojis and 10 new animations can be created into emoji pairs. You can now combine animal, food and everyday object emojis in addition to facial expressions. Choose the perfect combination to express your emotion effectively.

Rearrange expression buttons

Touch and hold the emoji, sticker, and other buttons to rearrange the order.

Instant kaomoji on keyboard

Spice up your chats and texts with preset facial expressions created using keyboard symbols. (*^.^*)

Spacebar row customization

You can choose which function keys and punctuation marks to show in the bottom row of the keyboard next to the spacebar in more detail. Enter frequently used keys easily and quickly.

11. Extract and scan text

Extract text from any image or screen

Extract text using Samsung Keyboard, Internet, Gallery, or whenever you take a screenshot. Modify and paste the result into a message, email, or document instead of typing. 

Contextual suggestion

When text appears in an image in Gallery, Camera or other apps, certain actions will be recommended based on the text. For example, if you take a picture of a sign with a phone number or web address on it, you can tap to call the number or visit the website. 

12. Samsung DeX

Newly added taskbar

A search button is on the taskbar, making it easier to find apps. You can also quickly access tasks within certain apps by right-clicking them. Customise buttons and apps you want to show up on the taskbar.

New notification indicator

A red dot appears on the notification button in your taskbar if any new notification is received since the last time you opened the notification panel.

Mini calendar

Clicking the date in your taskbar now opens a mini calendar, allowing you to quickly check your schedule without opening the full Calendar app.

13. Notification

Notification accessibility

When you use an app for the first time, you’ll be asked whether you will allow its notifications. Feel free to say no to apps that you don’t want to be disturbed with.

Easier controls

Is an app sending you too many notifications? Notification controls are now placed at the top of app notification settings to make it easier to block notifications.

Detailed settings

You can now control the same type of notifications separately. Choose to see all, some or none of pop-up notifications, app icon badges and notifications on the Lock screen. It’s up to you.

Improved design layout

A larger app icon and improved text alignment let you quickly and easily read notifications received.

14. Settings

Exceptions for Do not disturb

You can now set individual contacts as exceptions to Do not disturb. Your phone will ring or vibrate when the designated people call and send messages, even when Do not disturb is on. It’s also easier to set apps as exceptions so you can receive notification alerts from them while the mode is on. Just choose the apps you want to allow by adding them to the list in the simplified menu.

Auto optimization

Device care keeps your phone running smoothly through automatic optimization such as closing background apps and cleaning memory. Also, you can set your phone to automatically restart when needed to keep your phone in its best condition.

Menu improvement for sound and vibration settings

Menus have been reorganised to make it easier to find the sound and vibration options you need. Set your ringtone and change the volume and vibration settings, all in the same place.

RAM Plus in Device care

RAM Plus can now be turned off right away in Device care if it’s unnecessary or when storage space usage needs to be restricted.

Different language settings for each app

Want to use a certain language in an app? You can now choose different languages for each app based on your usage preference in Settings.

15. Privacy and security

Warning when sharing personal information

The share panel lets you know when you attempt to share photos that contain sensitive information, such as credit card, ID card or passport, so you can reconsider whether you really want to share them or not.

Intuitive security check

The newly added Security dashboard in Settings lets you easily check security issues and fix them right away.

Secure web browsing

An icon appears in the address bar on Samsung Internet to show the site’s security status. Tap the icon to learn which information the website collects and tracks.

16. Accessibility

Readability options in quick panel

High contrast font, Colour inversion, Colour adjustment and Colour filter can be added to the quick panel for easier access.

Use your phone as a magnifier

Turn on the Magnifier shortcut in Accessibility settings to get quick access to the Magnifier feature. Magnifier uses your phone’s camera to enlarge items or text you want to take a closer look at.

More voice assistance

Choose from various types of voice feedback to get help while using your phone, even if you can’t see the screen clearly. You can make your phone read out keyboard input so you can make sure you typed the correct letter, use Bixby Vision to recognise nearby objects and tell you what they are and turn on audio descriptions that explain what’s happening in a video (only for supported videos).

Easily edit on Accessibility button

Tap and hold the Accessibility button to change the features you want to access quickly using the button.

New actions on each corner

If you’re using a mouse or trackpad, you can now click and hold, drag or drag and drop by moving the mouse pointer to each corner of the screen.

17. Calendar

Managing event invitees

When you add an event to your Google calendar in the Samsung Calendar app, you can choose whether invitees are allowed to see who else is invited to the event and whether they can invite other people.

Add stickers to your Google calendar

You can now add stickers to Google calendar events in the Samsung Calendar app to make them more noticeable. The added sticker will be visible in both calendar and agenda views.

Add video conferences to your events

When you create a Google calendar event in the Samsung Calendar app, you can set up a video conference at the same time. Everyone invited to your event will receive the link to the video conference.

18. Reminder

‘Today’ category

The new Today category shows only the reminders due today. You can also check them at the top of the main screen in the Reminder app.

Show and hide completed reminders

You can show or hide the completed reminders regardless of the category. Have completed tasks shown on the screen or hide them to stay focused on things you still need to finish.

Reminder view setup

Choose the view according to your preference. Have more simple reminders show on the screen at once or set it to an expanded view that includes details such as the due date and repeat conditions.

19. Samsung Internet

Easier bookmark folder Editing

You can easily create folders or move them into other folders by selecting and dragging the bookmarks and dropping them over to another bookmark or folder.

20. My Files

Enhanced search

Choose whether to search all files or only the files in the current folder. You can also select to search by file names or the information contained in files, such as text in documents or location information in images. When your search is complete, the results can be sorted by name, date, size, or file type.

21. Clock

Multiple timers

You can run up to 20 multiple timers at the same time in the Clock app.

22. Digital Wellbeing

Redesigned app

The Digital Wellbeing app has been redesigned to make it easier to access the features you need.

23. Safety and emergency

Send SOS

Quickly press the Side key 5 times to call emergency services even when your phone’s in your pocket or you aren’t able to speak.

Integrated emergency contact list

The emergency contact list created from your phone can be used on your watch as well.

One UI 5 Release Date

The South Korean giant has not yet released the full list of devices that will be covered by One UI 5. However, it is certain that the Galaxy S22 Series – which received a new update this Wednesday (12) – will begin to receive the update by the end of this October.

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