Samsung X miHoYo: Genshin Impact Editions Of Galaxy Z Fold 4 And Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Appears Online

Samsung recently revealed the Genshin Impact Editions of its premium foldable Galaxy Z Fold 4 and its Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds. It became possible because of the collaboration between Samsung and miHoYo, which is the creator of the popular Genshin Impact game. Those editions appeared in the G-STAR 2022 event held in South Korea at the Busan Exhibition and Convention center, which both carried the same name.

As we know, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 didn’t get as many fashion collabs as the Galaxy Z Flip 4 device got, so this collaboration will be a precious gift for the Galaxy Fold 4 admirers. It is hinted by the Genshin Impact developers at a global release that “the merch will definitely craze the global Genshin fans”. Unfortunately, additional information such as price and availability is still unknown as we didn’t get any clue in its regard.

The most attention-grabbing thing of this edition is the “Ganyu theme,” which will attract most gamers towards it. Ganyu, Secretary to Liyue Qixin, was a bow-wielding character released in January 2021. In this edition, the device will come with a Ganyu-themed wallpaper, Edition boxes including accessories such as protective cases, chibi Ganyu stickers, a Ganyu character card, a strap, acrylic keychains, etc. Besides, the Genshin Impact Edition buds will get a wireless charging pad also.

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