Samsung updates its several stock applications to the latest version

Yes, Samsung regularly updates its stock applications to improve their functionality and address any issues that may have been discovered. These updates can include bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features.To update your Samsung device’s stock applications, you can go to the Galaxy Store app on your device and check for updates. The Galaxy Store will automatically check for updates to your installed apps and allow you to update them if a new version is available.

You can also check for updates to specific apps by going to the Menu & updates section of the Galaxy Store. Here, you can see a list of all the apps installed on your device and tap on an app to see if an update is available.

Not all stock applications are available in the Galaxy Store, and some may need to be updated through Samsung’s update system. To check for updates to these apps, you can go to Settings > Software update > Download and install on your device. If an update is available, it will be shown here, and you can follow the prompts to download and install it.

Samsung Keyboard:

Samsung Keyboard is an application which provides digital keyboards to Galaxy devices. It is an official application of Samsung. It provides several features which make typing more creative. Being updated with the One UI 5.0, the Samsung keyboard app has received several new features, such as emojis, gifs, and more.

Now Samsung is once again rolling out a new update for its Keyboard application, the new update comes with a new version number, and it can be installed in a 101.38 MB software package, Samsung hasn’t revealed what’s new species, but we expect that it will bring some improvements with it.

Users who own Galaxy devices can easily download the latest update of Samsung keyboard through the Galaxy store.

Internet Browser Beta:

Samsung Internet app comes in two variants, including the original full-fledged app and a beta variant; the main difference between both the app is that the first one is working stable, which means it always gets an update after testing, while the beta application brings fresh features, but in raw form, it doesn’t work as smooth as the stable.

Now, Samsung is rolling out the update for its Internet browser’s beta variant; the update comes with a new version number However, the update doesn’t include any new features, but we guess that it comes with some fixes which improve the overall performance and stability of the app.

The update comes in 109.09MB of the software package. Users who own Galaxy devices can install this update from Galaxy devices, and for information, the app is also available on Playstore as well, so all the users who own Android devices running on Android 7.0 and up can also install this Samsung internet beta on their devices.

Samsung Messages:

Samsung Messages app is the most commonly used application on Samsung devices. It provides to communication with other devices, and it primarily offers text messages. Still, after some updates, Samsung messages provide several new features such as MMS, some new stickers, a mark as read and more.

Notably, the application is fully working offline, so if you want to use its sms or MMS service, you have to take the help of your network service provider.

Samsung is now updating its Message application to a new version,, which comes in a 29.64MB software package. Over the few updates, Samsung is providing only improvements, and the same is happening with this update; Samsung hasn’t described this update in the what’s a new section. So we assume that this update also fulfils the criteria of improvements which were left in previous updates. Moreover, you can easily install the latest update through the Galaxy store.

Samsung Wallet App:

Samsung has now rolled out a new update for its wallet application. It carries a new version number, 5.1.81 and comes in a 188.69MB software package. As per the Galaxy store description, the update includes some fixes that improve some existing app functions.

The Samsung wallet application is a useful application that helps you do financial transactions as it is packed with several useful features such as Samsung Pass, digital home, car keys, digital asset management, and more.

Galaxy Store:

Just like when you want to purchase something, you would go to any shop and buy anything in exchange for money. The Galaxy store also works the same as your local shop; the only difference is that it provides you with several apps and games online for your device. It is similar to the play store, but it’s only limited to Galaxy devices.

The Galaxy stores include all the exclusive updates of the Samsung apps, which come pre-installed on Samsung devices. You can also download new apps through it, which are only available for Galaxy devices.

Samsung is now updating its Galaxy store app to the new version, The new update comes in a 60.37 MB software package. According to the information, the new update doesn’t bring any new features, but it includes some fixes that improve the app’s stability and functions.

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