Samsung Electronics Sued by Nanoco for Patent Infringement and it starts on January 6 in the US

On Tuesday, Nanoco Group PLC announced that the US trial for Samsung Electronics Co’s patent infringement would start at the beginning of January 2023. 

It is not uncommon for companies to sue each other for alleged patent infringement. In a patent infringement lawsuit, a company that holds a patent for an invention claims that another company is making, using, selling, or importing a product or process that infringes on its patent. If the court finds that the alleged infringer has indeed infringed on the patent, they may be ordered to stop the infringing activity and pay damages to the patent holder.

If Nanoco has sued Samsung Electronics for patent infringement, Nanoco may believe that Samsung is using a patented technology or process without permission. The case’s specifics would need to be examined to determine the allegations and the lawsuit’s legal basis. The case could be resolved through negotiations or a settlement agreement rather than going to trial.

Samsung is accused of violating the Manchester-based manufacturer of quantum dots’ exclusive synthesis and resin capabilities. Samsung QLED televisions employ quantum dot technology. A Quantum light-emitting diode is known as QLED. Additionally, Nanoco is bringing legal action against the South Korean electronics behemoth in Germany and China.

For the start of its trial against Samsung in the Eastern District of Texas, the group claimed to have a “solid” date of January 6. In that case, it means that the parties have likely gone through the pre-trial process and are ready to present their cases to a judge or jury. The purpose of a trial is for the parties to present evidence and arguments to support their positions and for the judge or jury to decide on the case’s outcome.

  1. In Texas, Nanoco first sued Samsung for patent infringement in February 2020.
  2. The US Patent Trial & Appeal Board found in favour of Nanoco’s patent claims against Samsung in a separate judicial proceeding in May.
  3. Samsung filed an appeal last month contesting the Patent Trial & Appeal Board’s conclusions. Nanoco anticipates the appeals’ final result during the third quarter of 2023.
  4. The organic business and the litigation, according to Nanoco, are both potential sources of considerable shareholder value that might have a seismic impact on company prospects. Nanoco expressed this confidence on Tuesday.
  5. The financial performance of Nanoco for the first four months of its fiscal year that ended on July 31 was “comfortably in line with” its forecasts, the company added in a trade update on Tuesday.

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