Samsung is still the king of software updates

Samsung generally follows a policy of providing software updates for its devices. Earlier this year, the Korean giant announced that its flagship smartphones would be eligible to receive four generations of Android OS major upgrades, and some of the mid-range phones will also fall under the same category. This policy may vary depending on the specific device and region and other factors such as the hardware specifications and carrier support.

In general, Samsung has a reputation for providing software updates for its devices for a relatively long period compared to some other manufacturers. And that’s why Samsung’s software update policy is considered the best update policy until now.

In addition, some manufacturers have declared the extension of the operating system update policy, which, starting next year, will offer up to five years of update: let’s see the details.

Other Android manufactures announce up to five years of flagship updates

It was a decision that is now serving as an example to other Android manufacturers; just recently, OnePlus announced that some of its upcoming flagship smartphones will receive four OS updates and security patches for five years. The parent company of OnePlus, Oppo, is now pledging to uphold the same principle.

In addition, OPPO officially unveiled the new ColorOS upgrade guidelines. This includes a promise to provide global customers with certain flagship models with four significant ColorOS updates and five years of security patches beginning in 2023. By continuing to expand on ColorOS, OPPO hopes to provide more durable and stable intelligent experiences to users all around the world.

Does Oppo really match the Samsung’s software update policy?

Oppo said its upcoming flagships would receive four significant OS updates and five years of security patches. At first sight, that is very similar to Samsung. However, that isn’t the case. Oppo offers four ColorOS updates, whereas Samsung promises four years of Android major OS upgrades.

Knowing Oppo’s new software update policy, you must have thought it would also provide Android updates for four years, like Samsung. But it’s not like that. It is only saying that it will provide four updates to its custom software (ColorOS). It’s not just the fact that it’s not four Android OS updates promised by Oppo here.

The flagship devices will get at least three major Android OS upgrades if we talk about OPPO’s existing software update policy. The new policy could mean that its devices will receive at least three Android version updates in addition to new versions of ColorOS.

However, it appears Samsung’s dominance in updates will continue to be unrivalled, whatever the circumstances.

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