Samsung updates Galaxy Tab S8 5G series to December 2022 security patch

Being the flagship device of the tablet segment, the Galaxy Tab S8 started receiving Android 13 the previous month, the device initially got the One UI 5.0 update in Europe, and now the same is happening in December 2022.

Notably, the latest update is now available in Korea. It comes with new firmware version numbers X706NKOU3CVL2, X806NKOU3CVL2, and X906NKOU3CVL2 for Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+, and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, respectively. As of now, the update is available for the 5G variant of the device; however, it is expected to expand to the Wi-Fi variant of the device in the next few days.

As mentioned earlier, the update brings the support of the December 2022 security patch, it doesn’t add any new features to your smartphone, but it improves system reliability and stability. The new update brings new enhancements for security. According to Samsung’s official documentation, the December 2022 security update includes 93 patches that fix several security vulnerabilities.

Moreover, it provides some bug fixes so the device can run smoothly and securely, So it is better to update your device as soon as possible so you can run all the functions of your device without any lags or clutter.

Galaxy Tab S8 is the latest tablet series of Samsung; it was introduced in February 2022. The device comes with Android 12 on board, but as of now, the device has upgraded to new Android 13, and as it comes just after the updated policy of Samsung regarding updates, Galaxy Tab S8 is eligible for three more Android updates as we as it will receive five years of the security updates.

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