Samsung to recall over 660K washing machines in the US due to fire risk

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, also known as the CPSC, has made an important decision regarding the top-load super speed washers of Samsung Electronics. On December 22nd, the CPSC ordered the South Korean firm to recall a total of 663,500 washing machines in the United States. Notably, this decision has been made by looking at the issues the washing machines have created. Thankfully, not all, but only some select models which were causing trouble are named to recall. 

According to Business Korea, a total of 51 complaints have been received against the selected Samsung washer models. As per those complaints, some of these led to smoking, melting, overeating, and other fire-related issues. In previous days, ten property damage cases and three injury-related cases (caused by smoke inhalation) were found. Looking at those issues to prevent any heavy injuries or disasters, the safety commission has decided to take the trouble-causers off completely. 

The models that are included in the recall category were sold from June 2021 to December 2022. These are the top-load super speed washers, including WA49B, WA50B, WA51A, WA52A, WA54A, and WA55A models. To prevent any issues, CPSC requested the users not to use them before getting a software update from the company’s side. In the case of Wi-Fi devices, the software automatically gets an update after connecting to the network, but in this case, it is different because one needs to update it through the peripheral device (dongle) provided by the company, which is free of cost. 

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