Samsung reveals cause of wiped pictures and contacts from your Galaxy phones in Australia

As we reported earlier, the glitṣch issue was addressed in Australia, which made the Galaxy devices stuck with black screens and unusable. After Samsung knewṣ and accepted it as its own software mistake, it announced free repair and refunded money to those who paid for the repair from a Samsung-approved store.

Now, the Korean giant has revealed the problem behind the issue and said that Some devices which are running on Android 11 were locked in boot mode after installing the new update.

“Following the release and installation of Android 13 update to Samsung devices that had been on Android 11, a small number of phones were locked in ‘boot mode’, Samsung has stated.

A spokesperson also said that the glitch only impacted phones that used Android 11 and had a third-party application installed. But, it is not yet clarified which third-party application made this issue.

An Adelaide tech consultant Richard Pascoe claims that Samsung had not properly tested its update before rolling it out to the customers and before it was found to be incompatible with the third-party app.

“A revised firmware update that will not experience this issue has been developed and will start being rolled out to customers over the coming weeks”, the spokesperson said.

However, Samsung has again confirmed that the customers would not be charged and get a full refund for any repair work related to the update.

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